Beach in Bulgaria - Balchik and near


Balchik is also a nice place for beach in Bulgaria.

As always, we go for + and - on the resort. This here will be a good place for a few types of people:
- lovers
- want to look around
- beach
Why? There is almost everything in Balchik - shops, restaurants, quick food places, bars, entertainment places and so on. Should we start this time with the bad side of Balchik?

It is a place witch is located on a hill. If you don't like to climb almost every 200m. this is not the place for you.
The beach line is short. There is not much place to swim.
Not much place for a shade in a really hot day. So this beach in Bulgaria is tending to be really hot one.

Every beach in Bulgaria has a good side also.

For example, Balchik have very nice castle from a romanian queen. There is also a beautiful garden of flowers and it is really big. If you are a flower lover, this is the place you need to visit. Food is also amazing and on top of that is cheap, because Balchik is a resort, witch is also a city. The prices are still high for a normal food, but they are cheaper from the ones from a real resort (like Albena).

So, cheap food, cheap fun? It does not work like that at any beach in Bulgaria. There is not much fun in Balchik dought. Nice architecture places, long walks near the see and you can even go on foot to Albena, but it will be 10km walk and I suggest you to do that at night or at a cold day. You don't want to burn on the sun, wright?

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