Beach Bulgaria - Alebena and around


 You want to visit beach in Bulgaria?

Sure it is a nice place to be in the summer, but there are so many beaches, how to choose? Well, we are here to help you to choose the best beach in Bulgaria. All you have to do is follow us.
So, Albena. It is a nice place to be, but every place has a good and a bad side. What can we say about the good side?

- A lot of places to visit.
- Long path to make romantic walks.
- Many different types of restaurants.

- Hotels very close to the beach.
- Beautiful nature around the resort.
- Free beaches.

- Close to Kranevo and Balchik.

But, not every beach in Bulgaria is so good.

In Albena are one of the most old hotels, because the resort itself is a really old place. Sure, there are a lot of thing, but still you can see small amount of modern stuffs around. Some hotels are more then 30 years old. If that's not a problem for you, well go ahead.
The prices in Albena are also high. Food is expensive, drinks and some enterteiments too - water ski, water jet and so on.

Combine those two and you have a nice combo not to visit this beach in Bulgaria. But is that all? We told you about a long path, that will take you thru the whole Albena and if the weather is nice you can see so much stuffs.
Its a really nice resort, but I will suggest you to go to Albena only for a day. Balchik is near and Kranevo as well. They are also nice places.
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