Kranevo - Beach in Bulgaria - One more nice place.

Summer is almost here and every Beach in Bulgaria is Ready for you!

Are you prepared? Have you choose your destination? Varna, Albena or as we gonna talk today for - Kranevo? What is interesting there, what can you see and what can you do? We gonna tell you shortly.
Let's start with that, that Kranevo is a beach in Bulgaria, where is very, very busy on the main street. Kranevo itself its a small village on the beach on Black see, but the village itself is somehow "Separated" in two - main street and houses of the villagers. You want to go to the main street in a hotel or somewhere near the beach.

There are a few new hotels, nice ones as well, so you do have some choice. Don't be scared, there is beach enough for everybody. In Kranevo, there is not much to see. The main street is not so big or long, but there are restaurants, shops, drug stores, gift stores and disco clubs. Kranevo is a place, where every young person would like to go to. 

Beach in Bulgaria only for young people?

Now quite, but yes. What is good for older people, who are not so night active and would like some peace time on the beach is, that near Kranevo are very nice places:
- Albena
- Balchik
- Palace in Balchik
- Golden Sands

- Much more.

You just gonna have to look around, what you can find and see where it will fits you. Kranevo is also a place for school trips, because there are hotels that are large enough to take a whole school class.

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