Silistar - Beach in Bulgaria

For now we gave you only places where is full of people and building.

But, there is more peaceful and quite Bulgarian beaches. Like Silistar. This would be an extremely nice place to do camping. There are no building, restaurants, not even a hotel. If I remember correctly, there is only one camping with small houses and that's it! The beach is clean, only one place to have drinks from. That's all.

Really nice, don't you think? There is nothing to bother you, no cars passing or something. Just you and the beach. Beach in Bulgaria like this is not so common, so be quick to go and visit it.

Beach in Bulgaria so perfect?

Not quite (at least for my opinion). When you want to go there, you must go with a car! You must! And it is really good idea for this car to be off road or high car. When you step off the road, you must go in this dirt road, which has so big holes in it, that your car is very possibly to get stuck. Be really careful for that! The road from the main road to the "parking"where you can leave your car is something like 300-400 meters, so be prepared to meet very deep holes in that road.

When you go to the "parking area"you will feel like you are in the wood. Where is the beach? Well, there is something special for that beach. There is a river, that cross the beach and you have to go thru a small bridge. Or if you feel hot enough, you can just go wright in thru the river and go to the beach. Your choice. You will see what I'm talking about in the pictures.

Silistar is really a nice place to be and a nice place to camp. It is not so popular beach in Bulgaria, because it is for and from the nature. There are no buildings as I said.

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